Redman Transcript

What’d you think of the GW crowd?
That shit was hot.

How bout those technical difficulties, did that make it hard for you?
Yeah, at first there was a little technical difficulty, but I weaved it right out. That’s hip-hop, y’know? You gotta respect that.

You were going to do an hour show and you cut it at 25 (minutes). Any reason?
You know what, I was on the road, and I got a sore throat. I got a list of shows, so I ain’t trying to, like, stretch it and do too much. You know what I’m saying? But, you know, that’s why I gave the energy I gave, `cause of the compact, more shorter.

I saw you at Lolopoloza in ’94, second stage. How’s life different for you now? You remember that second stage, with the gravel pit. You didn’t even make the T-shirt, now you’re headlining. So what’s life like now?
Yeah, with Cypress Hill. It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing to move up, music selling, being sucessful. I headline everything.

I didn’t think I was gonna get this motherfuckin’ big. I just wanted enough money to buy enough weed and shit.

Your first album, a lot of skits, a lot of creativity. Some critics are saying you’re getting less creative with your beats, do you agree with that?
No, cause I don’t do beats. I just get them from (Def Jam). Whatever they are feeling at the time is hot, that’s what I’ve got to go by. ‘Cause those are producers, and I’ve got to respect the producer’s word. So, maybe, you know, that was the mood they was in.

What about hanging with Method Man, how tight are you guys?
That’s my Nigga.

What happened with that fruit malt liquor (Saint Ides that Redman pitched in commercials)?
The Saint Ides Shit?

Yeah. What happened with that?
They gave us a check, man.

So you trying to get into acting?
Method and I got the new movie coming out, How High. We did the soundtrack and the movie.

(Interview moves inside)

You said outside that you did want to get into acting. How was it being in a movie? Was it difficult?
It wasn’t to much of a change. It didn’t even take me out of my character. And Method he’s been in movies and shit, so you know he was watching my back.

How did you get approached with the film? Who got you in to it?
These studio motherfuckers just show up with a check and say, “Let’s shoot a movie.”

So you just showed up and let it happen?
Hell yeah. Most people show up and they’re doing there first movie. They’re getting what like 15 grand.

So they hooked you up?
Yeah, this was my first movie. Us motherfuckers starred in our first movie and they gave us over 200 grand. I don’t know a fucking thing about acting.

Well then how’d you figure it out?
It was just like a long video. You just act foolish. You’ve got to smoke a lot of weed. You’ve got to be on a college campus. See the whole things happened on UCLA except it’s supposed to be Harvard. And you’ve got a lot of diversity out there. It’s not like you’ve got two hip-hop motherfuckers out there doing the regular thing. Doing the black thing, shoot ’em up, you know, the regular thing. The whole movie’s got black, white, asian, blue and mahogany people. And it’s a college movie, so ya’ll can relate.

You going to do another one after this?
Hell yeah.

Anyone come up to you yet?
As long as they bring checks I don’t care what it is I’m doing it. I’ll play a doorman, I’ll play a pool man, work in a hotel, I don’t give a fuck.

So where are you off to next?
I’m going to London.

You doing a show there?
Yeah, London rocks.

You’ve been out there a bunch of times?
Yeah, they got the chronic out there. You can go out there and smoke right in the bar, chronic, like its food. They’ve got a menu, like it’s food. It’s like: White Widow, Chronic, Afghanistan Hash and it’s a menu. You sit down there and get fucked up.

Do you get a good reaction in other countries?
It’s good in London. Those kids don’t come out to look good. They come to get dirty. They want to be like falling from the balconies and shit. And the women show their titties out there much quicker.

I guess you were disappointed today.
No, no, it’s cool. If it hadn’t been in the middle of the day. Like later, if the sun was going down, you would have seen a couple of those hunnies showing it like, “here ya go baby.” But it’s too bright, too early in the day, nobody gonna show their titties. It’s too early for that shit. She like “I just got out of bed with my nigga.”

So what else have you got planned for the future?
I don’t know. I do know I want to head out to Cali for that big smoke out. You know, Cypress Hill’s smoke out.

A lot of underground hip-hop’s been coming out of there.
Yeah, I like the radio stations out there.

You like LA or you like the Bay?
I like L.A. The Bay is cool, though. You know, they got the chronic out there.

How do you feel about dealing with lots of fans?
Hey, you should just do it. You know your’re going to have to do it. Just get it out the way. Sometimes I hide and shit, like whenever I’m in the mall and shit.

You get recognized a lot?
Hell yeah, cause I’m light skinned and shit. I’m easy to spot. I can’t blend in unless I got all my niggas around me. You’ve got to actually come up and attack me to get me to admit who I am. You could turn me around and say, “You’re Redman,” and I’d be like, “Where you see Redman at? No, but people say I look like him.” If they fight with me on the like the 3rd time I’m like, “OK, but don’t tell nobody,” and I sign their shit all quick.

If some motherfuckers like, “Hey Redman,” all yelling, “Hey Redman,” I’ll (grab them) up and be like “Shhhhhhhhh.” You got to keep it real low, ’cause if they see you around they’ll start blaming you for shit.

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