Bar Belle: Modern

Where: M Street
Getting in: carded at the door 21+
Prices: tres expensive
Dancing: yep
Pluses: random threesomes

This past weekend was a roughie. The Bar Belle completed the rare quadruple – she went out every night of the weekend. While her friends began to peter out, the Bar Belle pushed herself through exhaustion, ignoring possible symptoms of illness and fatigue, completing the fourth night with flying colors.

Sunday night began with a great debate among the drinking peers. The question had been posed: “Should we go out, or stay home and play twister?” While the prospect of playing twister sounded way fun, the group decided to save it for a rainy day and go out. It had been previously determined that Clydes would be the place to go, since it was half price bottles of wine and champagne night. But it was such a far walk and no one wanted to pay for a cab. Reluctantly, the journey began, and the gaggle of girls walked to G-town.

Clydes was abuzz with a slightly older crowd. Prime seating was found near the front window, where both outside and inside activity could be equally observed. While drinking bottles of Pinot, the night began with a blur of activity: There was the girl in her compact Corolla who took 20 minutes to parallel park in a spot that could fit a Mack truck. There was the pretty girl, who was wasted and talking to some nasty guy, who was taking full advantage of the chance of a lifetime. And then there was the sorority bunny barfing in the street. While all of this provided some great entertainment, there was more fun to be had.

The final destination was reached by default. Originally, The Rhino was the planned destination, but the paddy wagon had come for a visit, so no one else was being allowed in. So, Modern was the next stop. It is hidden at the top of M Street . and the entrance is small and understated. The inside was crowded, and the music blasted an eclectic bunch of rap, techno and old-school ’70s and ’80s club mixes.

The clientele was a heterogeneous mix of young people, and drinks were $7.

The inside reminded the Bar Belle of Austin Powers . there was swing in the corner, and the furnishings were retro. But the shock of the evening was the menage a trois witnessed by the naive eyes of the Belle. Honestly, it was the real thing . never in this young woman’s life has anything like this been seen. Turning to a friend in shock, the Bar Belle was comforted by her words, “Oh, it’s nothing; I do it all the time. Haven’t you ever made out with another girl?”

No, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but this Belle really loves guys and only guys.

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