Column: Keeping up with changes

GW’s campus is going through a renewal of sorts this year. New residence halls, new fields, new eating options, new 8 a.m. classes for freshmen. To keep up with the pace, we here at The Hatchet are rolling out some changes of our own. And we hope you notice.

First off, you will see my mug once a week in the Opinions section in my column, “Inside Our Pages.” This is an effort to address the many things that go on in and around a newsroom that curious readers often wonder about but rarely find out. Feel free to e-mail me questions about our coverage at

You will also notice a new section on page three called “Around Campus,” which contains news briefs about campus happenings. If you are a student who has done something newsworthy or your student group is having a meeting or event, feel free to drop an e-mail to one of our news editors listed on that page.

On that same page every Monday – except on holidays – you will find briefs from our U-WIRE Washington Bureau. On Thursdays, the campus crime log will keep students aware of crime.

If you are an online reader, all this new content is available at There you will also find Web exclusive photos and stories. We delivered the Attila Cosby trial to you on the internet during an irregular summer print schedule, and we will continue to post breaking news online.

Most new content stems from an extensive reader survey we conducted last spring. You told us to add more national news, crime coverage and info about student groups, so we are.

Two-thirds of students read our paper at least once a week. Let us improve that number by giving us your feedback and ideas.

Surely you have noticed our new section headers, which replace ones that shared little in common. This change was made to bring consistency to our pages while dressing them up. I hope you use the e-mail addresses that we provide for each of our editors.

There are more changes ahead as we strive to deliver reliable news you need. But the most important change we strive to achieve is bringing your student paper closer to you.

To our loyal readers who pick up The Hatchet first thing Monday and Thursday mornings, I assure you we continue to be a morning paper. I apologize for any inconvenience we caused coming out late during an otherwise great first week.

-The writer, a senior majoring in journalism, is Hatchet editor in chief.

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