GW dining gets a face lift

The University is rolling out new dining features around campus, including food venues and Web cameras for students to monitor J Street traffic.

In a few weeks students will be able to plan their J Street runs by checking out how long lines with Web cams that show live feeds at, said Lyle Vaughan, assistant director of University Auxiliary Services.

“They can log on, see crowds and see if they want to be a part of the scene,” Vaughan said.

Dine-a-Vision, which was on the 5th floor of the Marvin Center, has been replaced by a fast food option called Big Burger.

Vaughan said Big Burger offers better quality food than what students had last year. Instead of frozen meat, the burgers are fresh and hand-formed. Big Burger was modeled after two West Coast food chains, In-N-Out Burger and Fat Burger.

Vaughan said Big Burger offers a simple menu with quality. Some of the menu items besides the “big burger” include a hickory burger, cheeseburger, chilidog, chili fries and a chicken sandwich.

Because sushi became a popular selection on campus the past few years, the salad bar is turning into a sushi “grab-and-go” venue, Vaughn said. A sushi chef will be on hand rolling made-to-order sushi Monday through Friday beginning Sept. 4.

At the end of the sushi line, students can will be able to grab sandwiches and salads such as mixed green salads, Caesar salads and Cobb salads.

Although GW removed the vegetarian station in J Street that served hot vegetables among other things, Vaughn said vegetarian options will not be lost.

The Granary will take the station’s place, supplying vegetarian and vegan dishes along with fresh salads. The lettuce in The Granary’s salads is fresher than the lettuce at the old salad bar, Vaughan said. He said the salad bar was not very successful and it was “mediocre” quality.

Other changes to the ground floor of the Marvin Center include the expansion of Provisions market. A third register was added, along with 250 square feet of space, Vaughan said. The new space will include more items such as tofu, soy products and Kosher foods.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream will replace Freshens on the ground floor of the Marvin Center. Expected to open Sept. 10, the store will sell birthday cakes, cookies, sorbet and ice cream.

Around campus, new venues will be added to Funger Hall, Mitchell Hall and the Health and Wellness Center, Vaughan said.

Funger Express, expected to open by Friday, will sell bagels, muffins, pastries, energy bars, coffee, juice, sandwiches and chips to students in Funger Hall, Vaughan said. Tables and chairs will also be added to the lobby for students to sit down between classes. Expected hours are 7:45 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, he said.

The Health and Wellness Center will house Einstein Bros. Bagels, set to open on the second floor of the building Friday, Vaughan said.

A cart in Kogan Plaza will also be open selling hot dogs, kosher and breakfast items.

Bene Pizza replaced Little Caesar’s this year in the basement of Mitchell Hall, Vaughan said. The homemade pizzeria, also located at the back wall of J Street, moved in over the summer.

More options will be available in Thurston Dining Hall for lunch including stir-fry. Chinese food will be served on Saturday nights similar to last year, Vaughan said.

Thurston Hall is not the only residence hall with new items. The Hall on Viriginia Avenue dining hall will now be open seven days a week instead of five.

On Sunday nights beginning Sept. 9, a visiting chef from restaurant Malaysia Kopitiam, located at 1827 M Street, will cook meals. Any student can eat at HOVA and Thurston Hall.

The University is also considering placing a Starbucks Coffee in the Gelman Library for late-night study breaks.

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