Where: Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle
Getting in: carded at the door
Prices: moderately expensive
Food: nope
Dancing: a little
Pluses: funky music, veranda with seating

The Bar Belle would like to officially welcome herself back. The summer was long and hot but the time at home was treasured and offered much-needed relaxation of the mind and liver. After an extensive detox period, that old feeling returned – a social fever with no comparison. A fever that could be entertained by only one thing, and the Bar Belle was bound and determined to find it.
The much anticipated first night back came, so the Bar Belle had to look exceptionally cute. With that in mind, she headed into the night with a meticulously styled coif and a face to die for.
The Belle’s flush-faced group stumbled to their first destination, the 18th Street lounge. The cover was 15 bucks, so they politely said “thanks, but no thanks” and staggered onwards through Dupont Circle.
They ended up at a place that rhymes with “kazoo.” Well, sort of. Gazooza is located above Chipotle on Connecticut Avenue. After being carded, the pack of peeps clumsily ascended a flight of stairs and was greeted by a jovial band playing ethnic music – no kazoo – mixed with techno. The sounds were super cool but the group of people there weren’t so exciting. Gazooza was not the Bar Belle’s style, but with the right group of friends, it could be fun.
There was a large veranda with many tables and seats. The crowd was young and a few GW students were spotted. The party was low key, yet sophisticated. The Bar Belle ordered a Cosmopolitan that almost knocked her tan Mizrahi slingbacks off.
On the way home, a stop at Tequila Grill was in order. It was nice to be back, the place looked the same as it always has. While commiserating over Hangovers, one friend said without missing a beat, “Oh no, not Tequila! My goal this year is not to set foot in that place!”

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