WEB EXCLUSIVE: Adema shows off hard rock talent

Hardcore, hard rock, and rapcore are the intermingling styles that have surfaced at the forefront of popular music throughout the past few years.

Every few minutes another hard rock band is born, has its run and disappears only to be replaced by yet another band that sounds remarkably like Korn did four years ago.

Adema sounds like Korn too, but they’ve got a better reason than most. Johnathan Davis, lead singer for Korn, is the half brother of Adema singer Mark Chavez.

Adema makes a strong point that it’s not a band that will remain in others’ shadows with its self-titled release that is hard-hitting and memorable. It bears similarities with many recent hard rock releases, but distinguishes itself with strong vocals that create a deeply disturbing feeling throughout the record.

While the record strays little from the quiet-verse distortion-heavy-chorus structure coined by bands such as Korn, the songs remain interesting. Songs such as “Giving In” and “Freaking Out” offer strong hooks that beg the listener to sing along. “Do What You Want to Do” stands as a bone-crunching anthem to living freely in a society bent on rules. It stands out on the album as the obvious single, inviting radio success.

Adema may not be the most inventive band, but it does what’s been done with a strong sense of style. Adema’s new record is definitely a wise pick for those in search of a new face for hard rock.
Adema is in stores now

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