WEB EXCLUSIVE: GW graduate commits suicide

A 24-year-old GW graduate was found dead in the trunk of her car July 25 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., apparently after committing suicide.

The Miami Herald reported that Jamie Moore ingested prescription pills before crawling into the trunk of her white Audi Quattro to avoid discovery. Police found the car in a parking lot behind a Chinese food restaurant after complaints of an abandoned car.

There were no signs of trauma on the body or forced entry into the car, police said. They found Moore’s car keys and bottles of prescription drugs near her body.

Moore reportedly had a history of mental problems, including severe depression.

Investigators said they believe Moore entered the trunk through a retractable rear seat in her car, overdosed on pills and remained crouched there for at least 24 hours.

Moore left her roommate, Paige Gunther, a note that read “I will be back in a little bit. I did not want to wake you.” Gunther said she had talked with Moore until dawn before Moore left.

Raised in Swampscott, Mass., Moore graduated from GW in 2000 with a degree in speech pathology and academic development.

By age 22, Moore had gained experience as an assistant speech pathologist at an elementary school, an intern at a university speech clinic and promotions director at an importing company. In high school she was captain of the cheerleading squad.

But Moore struggled with an eating disorder, bulimia, and severe depression, friends said, according to reports. She had attempted suicide once before.

Gunther said she had spent the last two months in Fort Lauderdale searching for a job in public relations. Friends said she sunned and partied but not in excess, and that she hid her depression from them.

A University of South Florida expert on suicide described the death as carefully planned.

“This was not a call for help,” Dr. Donna Cohen said, according to The Herald. “This is her saying, ‘I do not want to be found, and I do not want to be saved.’”

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