WEB EXCLUSIVE: Attorneys complete Cosby Case

Defense and prosecuting lawyers presented their closing arguments Thursday, asking a D.C. Superior Court judge to consider the credibility of their witnesses in his decision, which is scheduled for Tuesday.

The closing remarks came after defense attorney Billy Martin called his last witnesses to confirm Cosby’s testimony that he gave away two guns he owned and the prosecution cross-examined Cosby.

During cross-examination, Cosby said he used a GWorld card that was not his to leave Guthridge Hall because his card did not access the handicapped-accessible side door. Cosby said he did not use the card to avoid detection but because he knew his card would not work. Cosby said other teammates used the GWorld card, which he said was found outside Guthridge.

Cosby also said he chose to leave the building through the side door because he did not want his teammates to see him with the woman, fearing their reaction.

Cosby’s mother, Neddy Dixon, told the court that she gave away a Glock handgun Cosby purchased in New Mexico to a friend of hers who lives in Maryland. Cindy Hilton, a sister of Cosby’s girlfriend and a 15-year Army veteran, testified that she keeps Cosby’s Sturm, Ruger and Co. P94 9mm pistol in her home in Alexandria, Va.

In his closing remarks, prosecutor Ben Friedman said the judge’s decision should hinge on whose testimony was more credibly – Cosby or the complainant.

Friedman said the complainant told the truth because she made her 911 emergency call about four minutes after leaving Cosby’s Guthridge Hall room and her phone demeanor that day was consistent with what someone who had been traumatized would sound like.

Friedman also cited the woman’s candid disclosure of her past drug habits and salacious lifestyle as evidence of her credibility.

Friedman said Cosby acted out a sexual fantasy by picking up the complainant and taking her back to his room. He said Cosby ventured to the New Jersey Avenue and P Street intersection, an area with a history of illegal drug use and prostitution, to act on his fantasy.

Defense attorney Billy Martin said in his closing argument that his client took an unusual route back to campus because of roadwork.

Martin questioned the complainant’s credibility because of what he called a serious lapse in her ability to perceive time and recall the precise sequence of events. In court, the witness was asked to estimate a 30-second period of time and stopped the clock after five seconds.

Friedman said in his rebuttal that just because the alleged victim is a recovering crack addict and alcoholic does not mean she is lying or that her rights are not Constitutionally protected.

Martin said Cosby’s actions constituted a grave misjudgment, but said Cosby did not assault the woman. The defense also suggested the complainant was upset she did not get paid for performing oral sex and wanted to get back at Cosby by calling the police.

D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal E. Kravitz is scheduled to return to court Tuesday with a verdict.

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