Letter: Unrest in Israel

With a simple a click of a mouse, headline news flashes on the computer screen. But what is so drastic about these simple movements are the alarming headlines that reach us everyday. As a routine and somewhat obsessive action, I check CNN’s Web site about every three hours to see if anything has happened in Israel. Unfortunately, with the sudden unrest in the Middle East, every other hour there seems to be a new headline.

The 5:00 p.m. June 1 headline read, “Tel Aviv suicide bomb kills at least 17, Israeli police say.” Just an hour later, I went to the grocery store and the most prominent item in the news was about senior Palestinian Authority official Faisal Husseini dying of a heart attack, while more than 20 had died in this unsettling battle in Israel.

This is probably the most tense time Israel has faced within the last 20 years. Peace no longer seems to be an option as murders continue, and it is therefore very likely, as Israeli Knesset Member Natan Sharansky said earlier this week, that Israel will go to war.

-Yehuda M.J. Spector

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