Letter: Intolerance at the top

Once again, I am shocked at the insensitivity GW President Stephen Joel Trachtenberg has displayed toward a group within the University community. I read in the May 20 issue of The Denver Post Trachtenberg’s comment that he believes the job of a university president is not one for “sissies.” This statement is offensive on so many levels that I do not know where to start.

It may be that Trachtenberg thinks this is a harmless comment made off the cuff, but it is not. It hurts those of us who were taunted on the schoolyards while growing up. It reinforces homophobia, ignorance and intolerance of those who believe that all gay men are “sissies.” Such comments also encourage the people most likely to discriminate and perpetrate violence against homosexuals. And it tells the world that GW is an intolerant place.

-Ed Mullen
Law School class of ’97

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