Timeline: Construction and Expansion 1997-2001

9/25/97 Mayor Marion Barry helps open New Hall at 2350 H St.

10/1/97 GW announces plans to build a Health and Wellness Center at 23rd and G streets.

1/7/98 Board of Zoning Adjustment approves Wellness Center project.

1/12/98 GW announces that Mount Vernon College will become GW property by June 1999.

2/26/98 GW announces plans for a $92 million new hospital and a $20 million law school expansion.

12/2/98 BZA approves construction of new Media and Public Affairs building.

1/99 The Dakota at 2100 F St. enters on-campus housing lottery.

2/12/99 GW breaks ground for Wellness Center.

2/25/99 GW purchases about half of the apartments in The West End at 2124 I St. for the 2000-01 housing lottery.

6/07/99 GW buys the Premier Hotel and turns it into the Hall on Virginia Avenue for freshmen.

7/28/99 GW purchases The Aston apartment building at 1129 New Hampshire Ave.

8/6/99 BZA approves plans for a new GW Hospital.

8/20/99 Foggy Bottom Association files a request with the D.C. Court of Appeals to reconsider the BZA’s decision to allow hospital construction.

10/6/99 GW breaks ground for a new hospital amid neighborhood protest.

10/17/99 GW purchases The Schenley apartment building at 2121 H St.

10/15/99 GW officially opens Kogan Plaza, a 10-year project from conception to construction.

2/7/00 GW acquires about 30 percent of Columbia Plaza.

3/00 GW begins construction on 30,000 square foot law building, scheduled for completion by mid-October 2001.

3/20/00 Foggy Bottom Association files suit in in D.C. Court of Appeals to halt hospital construction.

4/25/00 Mount Vernon Campus breaks ground on the first phase of construction to add 183 beds to Somers Hall, create a new W Street entrance and replace four residence halls with new facilities.

4/26/00 GW presents campus plan to BZA, pledging to house all freshmen and sophomores on campus and 60 percent of the entire student population.

9/5/00 GW begins construction on new Elliott School of International Affairs at 1957 E St.

1/29/01 GW delays opening of $21 million Media and Public Affairs building by 13 days.

2/1/01 GW tells residents, including graduating students, to vacate their 2109 F St. apartments.

2/2/01 GW buys Sigma Nu fraternity house for on-campus housing.

4/25/01 GW files suit in federal court calling provisions in the campus plan unconstitutional.

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