These are a few of my favorite things

For many seniors graduating Saturday, the end of their college careers will be bittersweet. Many are moving to new places and leaving behind the university they have called home for the past four years. As seniors look back on their memories, they said they will miss a variety of aspects of college life.

Seniors leaving D.C. after Commencement said they will miss living and learning in the heart of the nation’s capital.

“We get a campus experience within the most amazing city,” Lauren Ernst said. “The backdrop of the college experience has been amazing for us.”

Chris Shaw said one of GW’s best features is the opportunity living in D.C. gives students.

“I like everyone except me wearing a tie on Fridays for their internships, because it reminds me of how many opportunities people at GW get that are impossible elsewhere,” Shaw said. “Lots of schools have satellite campuses in D.C. just so their students can get one semester of life here, while we get it for four years.”

Students also praised a wide variety of opportunities GW’s campus offers, which they found to be unique to a GW education.

“I will always remember the speakers, events and the aspects of the city that we utilized here.” Ernst said.

Senior Derek Grosso said he will miss taking part in campus life.

“I got to do a lot of different things,” Grosso said. “As a sophomore, I was a cheerleader and a senator. This year I am the LEAD mentor. All these things were my college experience and made me who I am.”

Seniors said they would also miss friends, social events and activities.

“In four years, I have met a lot of people and established good relationships and friendships that I will keep,” Grosso said.

Ernst said missing her core group of friends that she met when she was a freshman would be the hardest thing for her to get used to.

Senior Leah Teuwen, who transferred to GW during her junior year, said her college experience differed from most GW students.

“I came into school with a life outside of GW that led me to never having a big stake in life at GW,” Teuwen said.

Teuwen said she would miss her activities and classes, which helped her become involved at GW.

Others said they would remember the more concrete aspects of the University. Shaw said two of his favorite spots on campus are Kogan Plaza and the Marvin Center.

“You can meet someone new every day but you also see and greet the same people day in and day out in places like Kogan and the Marvin Center,” Shaw said.

Teuwen said she would miss the Foggy Bottom atmosphere.

“I will miss walking through campus early in the morning, when no one was out yet and there was just a strange sense of peace,” Teuwen said.

Teuwen said she would also miss Chick-Fil-A, which she first experienced at GW.

Looking back at the end of their undergraduate experience, seniors said they are able to appreciate the features unique to them as college students – aspects they will miss later on in life.

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