Forum: Bush’s cuts hurt American interests

While Republicans are celebrating the 100-days landmark, the country’s women, environment, workers, children, homosexuals, teachers, minorities and senior citizens are suffering at the hands of President George W. Bush’s disastrous policies so far.

Bush’s budget cuts funding for nearly all major programs to allow room for his tax cut plan and a planned repeal of the estate tax. These measures benefit only the wealthiest one percent of Americans and leave families truly in need of tax relief in worse shape than ever.

Bush also declared a war on the environment by breaking a campaign promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. He also proposes drilling for oil in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Bush cut funding for research on renewable energy sources and increased fuel efficiency in cars. He halted the plan to reduce arsenic levels in drinking water, although 13 million people would have been protected from cancer and other health concerns by the rules. He also refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty, a measure attempting to confront the perils of global climate change.

Women must also be concerned by Bush’s actions. He closed the White House Women’s Office, reinstated the ban on federal funds for overseas groups performing or discussing abortions, restricted access to contraceptives and cut the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Bush is also threatening American workers. By repealing ergonomic regulations, Americans may incur as many as 460,000 work-related injuries. It has been five years since unemployment claims have reached their current height. Since Bush took office, 406,000 jobs have been lost.

Bush has not publicly said “gay” and has attempted to close the Office of National AIDS Policy while 320,282 Americans live with the disease and 40,000 are infected yearly.

America’s children also suffer. There are two different voucher schemes in an education plan that almost completely ignores public schools. While Republicans celebrate, the country suffers. Bush deserves an F on his first 100-day report card.

-The writer is president-elect
of the GW College Democrats.

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