Forum: At 100 days, success for president

Since taking office, President George W. Bush has focused on his compassionate conservative agenda of improving schools, cutting taxes, empowering faith- and community-based organizations, laying the foundation for Medicare and Social Security reform and rebuilding our military. In his first 100 days Bush has proven he is a strong leader who is doing what he said he would do.

Bush’s plainspoken, straightforward leadership is helping replace a culture of gridlock and cynicism in Washington with a spirit of bipartisan respect and results. In his first 100 days the president has been principled and inclusive, measured and decisive, focused and optimistic.

Bush promised to change the tone in Washington and work to heal the bitter wounds of political partisanship. He met personally with more members of the opposing party in his first days than any other modern president.

Earlier this year Bush submitted a budget to Congress that cuts taxes, funds important priorities and pays down the debt. His budget was passed earlier than usual with the support of no less than 15 Senate Democrats – tangible proof that Bush’s emphasis on teamwork is yielding bipartisan results.

In the first 100 days of the new administration, Congress has also passed – with bipartisan support – other key components of the Bush’s agenda including marginal tax rate reductions, repeal of the death tax, marriage penalty tax relief and an expansion of the child tax credit.

In Bush’s Inaugural Address, he said, “Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment. It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism.” Bush promised to bring a new way of thinking to Washington, and he is keeping his word.

The president’s first 100 days have been productive, positive and focused. His emphasis on bipartisanship has begun to change Washington. Bush is proving just how much can be accomplished when both parties focus on results instead of who gets the credit.

-The writer is chairwoman
of the GW College Republicans

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