Fraternities dispute new charges

Fraternity presidents said they are confused at what they call unfair judicial treatment after Student Judicial Services charged Delta Tau Delta for discrimination, non-compliance and two incidents of disorderly conduct in three separate incidents this month.

SJS issued Delta Tau Delta charges for an April 13 discrimination complaint after a member yelled “I hate fags” as GWPride members walked by, an April 14 yelling match between a University Police officer and a fraternity alumnus and an April 22 fight between a Delta Tau Delta and Phi Sigma Kappa member, SJS Manager David Pine said.

Delta Tau Delta President Bob Simon said none of the fraternity’s members was present for an alleged fight on 19th and F streets that resulted in a charge for disorderly conduct. Phi Sigma Kappa President Barron Gati said the incident was not serious enough to be called a fight and his fraternity did not receive a charge letter.

“It seems a little unfair that (Delta Tau Delta) would receive a letter and we wouldn’t,” Gati said. “I don’t know why they were charged at all, that’s what I’m concerned about.”

Simon and Gati also said they are also unclear why SJS charged Delta Tau Delta for actions of its individual members or alumni.

“I do find it funny that a student organization is being charged for the action of one member,” Gati said.

Interfraternity Council President Jared David said he would challenge any sanctions for individual actions that happened on Delta Tau Delta property.

Pine said SJS can charge groups for anything that happens on their property. Gati called this a double standard, adding that UPD considers the front yard to his fraternity house public property when officers question members in front of their house.

“If they’re considering it public property, then why would it be private property in a discrimination suit?” Gati said.

Simon said SJS also changed charges against the fraternity in connection to an early morning incident April 14.

“The police report said underage drinking, but now that it turns out everyone was over 21, it is now non-compliance,” Simon said.

Pine said Delta Tau Delta opted for a disciplinary conference with one SJS member, instead of being reviewed by a six-member University hearing board. The purpose of the disciplinary conference is to investigate what happened and recommend possible punishments, which include the “full range of sanctions,” Pine said.

Because Delta Tau Delta is on social probation, the fraternity could face suspension.

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