WEB COLUMN: Common ironies

Ever wonder why in the schedule of classes that lists all of the courses, times, locations and professors for the upcoming academic semester that some courses have professor’s names listed and others just say “staff.” How can a department plan a class if they do not have anyone to teach it at the designated time? Personally, I think it is all a conspiracy. Some courses just have staff listed because if students knew which professor was teaching the class they would not sign up for it. Common ironies.

Why is it that when professors get frustrated with students for continually coming late to class the professor decides to address the class about it at the beginning of the class when those students who are usually late have not trickled in yet. Some professors even say they know they are yelling at the wrong people, but you never find a professor contacting those students who are usually late and yelling at them. Common ironies.

It is impossible to avoid talking to someone you may not want to talk to when you are signed on to Instant Messenger. Lately I’ve been talking to a friend over Instant Messenger and all of a sudden I’ll get a message from another friend who I really don’t want to talk to. If I ignore her she gets mad, and when I give short answers to her questions she does not get the drift that I’m giving her the cold shoulder.

You can put up an away message or sign off, but then you cannot talk to other friends online. It’s easy to tell the friend you will be right back because you are going to the bathroom or the phone is ringing, and still talk to other people without the friend knowing. But eventually you have to return to the conversation. Instant Messaging has become the most trapping non-confrontational form of communication. Common ironies.

Calling a wrong phone number is always such an ordeal. It is inevitable when you hear the person’s voice on the other end of the phone you know you dialed wrong and there are two options. One, say nothing and hang up, or two, ask for the person you intended to call and apologize when you are told you have the wrong number. I recently called a wrong number and hung up. Why waste their time and mine going through the wrong phone number routine? Less then a minute later my phone rings and it is a man calling me asking did I just call him. Obviously the man had caller ID, but if I hung up the first time I heard his voice why would he think I wanted to talk to him if he called me back? Common ironies.

A friend called me on my home phone last night around 7 p.m. After answering the phone and saying hello my friend asked me where I was. I told her I was at work and to just call my home phone and leave a message. We hung up and a minute later my home phone rings again. I don’t pick up, and she leaves a message. Common ironies.

Having a toilet clog is embarrassing. Having to call a maintenance man to come to your apartment to unclog the toilet when what is in there is not all that pretty, and you know the maintenance man assumes you are the guilty party – that is the ultimate embarrassment. Common ironies.

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