Bar Belle

After a rather rough week of not really doing anything, the Bar Belle and her entourage headed out on a Thursday night looking to spice up a boring night. There were no pressing engagements scheduled for the weekend, so the night was open to anything. Unfortunately, the Bar Belle and her fussy friends couldn’t decide where to go and ended up at the Paper Moon in Georgetown.

From the outside it looked really neat. The music sounded familiar and there were some cute boys in the crowd, but the girls never made it in. A certain athletic team showed up, and the Bar Belle’s group disbanded and flocked toward their favorite team member. Only the Bar Belle and one friend were left standing. So they decided to ditch the Paper Moon and go someplace new. Now, where to go in Georgetown on a Thursday night is still a mystery.

After trying several bars and finding them relatively unexciting, the girls found themselves at Third Edition on Wisconsin Avenue. Many good things have been said about this bar, but the Bar Belle was a first-timer. In the warm weather, the bar opens their “tiki bar” in the backyard. The girls were told it was open and very popular that night, but it took them a while to find it. The night had begun with some strong mixed drinks, so when Third Edition rolled around it was safe to say that the Bar Belle and her friend were, well, pretty blitzed. There was a dance floor and then past that was another bar and then yet another bar.

Finally we found the Tiki bar. It was all that anyone could hope and dream a Tiki bar in the middle of a city could be. The Bar Belle left armed with a few numbers, and the girls left their mark (quite literally) on the Third Edition’s foyer and somehow made it home after the bar had closed.

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