Letter to the Editor: Historic renaming

I wanted to respond to Monday’s article regarding the name change of Riverside Hall (“University renames Riverside Towers,” April 9, p. 1). Many people that were quoted were voicing their concerns that they heard nothing about the name change until it already happened.

Many members of the class of 2001 can remember the days when Lafayette Hall was Adams Hall. We woke up and read in The Hatchet that Adams had been renamed. We, too, were angry and did not understand why the building’s name was changed. We felt left out of the process. Residents of Adams participated in a sit-in in protest of the name change. I was one of the many students who actively fought it. Although we lost, the change was delayed a few months, and the building next to Rice Hall was named after John Quincy Adams.

The hall council of Riverside should meet with administrators. We skipped that and immediately protested. It is time the administration realized that students would like to be involved in decisions at GW. At the very least, we should know why these changes take place.

-Christina Nabholz

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