Letter to the Editor: Housing harangue

Either GW administrators are incredibly stupid or they are incredibly ignorant. The fact my roommates and I had number 1068 in the housing lottery and did not even get to pick a room is mind blowing. Basically no one from the junior class will get housing. This is a deplorable situation created by administrators that have a case of expansion fever.

I know the people that created this plan knew this was going to happen. They could not possibly be that stupid. They had all the numbers in front of them, and they knew. The fact they did not tell anyone this is worthy of a lawsuit. Juniors could have spent the past several months searching for off-campus housing, whereas now we are going to be fighting over local apartments like two starving people over a piece of bread.

How dare GW do this to its students. How dare administrators insult us by throwing us off campus. I suggest that every junior demand the University pay for our junior housing wherever we find it. That is the least GW should do.

-Josh Gerben

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