Letter to the Editor: Overlooked alumni

So you are an alumnus, who cares? One of the major problems facing GW is alumni support. Recently, I discovered why. Several months ago, I applied to GW’s law school. I had not intended to enroll, but figured why not apply? When I was rejected, I was not upset but annoyed. I received the same form letter thousands of others received. Did they err and not realize I am an alumnus? After spending so much money on a mediocre education, some acknowledgement would have been nice. I questioned others in similar situations. They felt the same way I did.

I called the Alumni House to alert them of the problem. “I think the law school should send a separate form letter to alumni. It is a respect I believe we have earned.” A representative told me I should speak to the law school alumni association. “But, I am not an alumnus of that school. That is why I called you.” She passed the buck insisting I inform anyone but the Alumni House – which does not seem to mind asking for my contributions.

The attitudes towards alumni need to change. Until then, we may not be so fast to pass donation bucks.

-Keith Sambur
Class of 2000

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