Burying the Hatchet

I’ve got a bit of a problem. My roommate and I live in an on-campus residence hall. My roommate has told me and a few other people that he is gay, but he is not “openly” gay. The problem is that he has a habit of walking around our room in the buff on a regular basis. He also rarely closes the door while he is showering, and on more than a few occasions has walked into the bathroom while I am in the shower. He constantly compliments me on my looks, clothes and personality. I don’t know if I should take this to mean that he is hitting on me or if this is just how he is.

The bigger problem is that sometimes I am sort of turned on to his habits. What do I do? Do I tell him to stop with the nudity, or do I let him keep this up and see what happens?

-Confused in Crawford

So you’re conflicted. It sounds like you wouldn’t be so against your roommate doing all the thing he does – walking around in the buff, walking in on you in the bathroom or complimenting you – if you were more sure of your own sexual identity.

If you are turned on, explore! There is nothing wrong with questioning your sexuality. You would be surprised how many people do, especially during one’s college years and in the changing society that is more socially accepting of homosexual relationships.

If you and your roommate try something and it does not work out, you will have more confidence in your own sexual identity, so all the things he does will not bother you and you can tell him to cover it up confidently. If you and your roommate try something and it works out, more power to the Crawford couple.

A little warning though, while sexual identity and preferences are more open and easily discussed, discovering something new about yourself – something like your sexual identity which you may never have second-guessed before – can be shocking. While I suggest the straightforward method of confrontation to the problem, taking it slow and seeking help from traditional outlets can also lead you down your path of self-discovery.

* * *

My freshman year at GW I fell in love with the most wonderful girl in the world. She made my life happy and full of joy for a year. When she broke up with me last November she told me that she still wanted to be friends and I agreed. She soon became attached to her job and we saw each other less all the time.

Since then she has started to treat me like some jerk who just hangs around her to get some action. I really respect this girl and care about her, but at the same time I feel like I should back away and let her live the life she wants to live. Should I just fade out of her life or make an annoying impression on her constantly?

-Lost in Love

Wait, I need to go get a tissue . I have gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe.

I can begin to understand why your girlfriend might possibly have dumped you in the first place. You should learn to read the signs. She gave you the oldest line in the book, “let’s be friends.” You are crying up a river over this girl who is obviously trying to flick you off the bottom of her shoe.

Love is a strong feeling but it has to be mutual for a relationship to work. It’s time to drain the river and move on.

* * *

I have been having sex with this guy for a couple of weeks now. He’s a really nice guy and I enjoy spending time with him, but he has the biggest penis I have ever seen! Most people would probably say I’m crazy for complaining, but it’s a little too big, if you know what I mean. What should I do?

-It’s huge

I’ve seen my fair share of penises, some small and sad, others quite large and one that still has me in shock, so I can empathize. Try stretching before you have intercourse. Some basic inner thigh stretches help to loosen the lower body. You can also try expanding your vaginal opening manually by massaging and stretching the area from the inside with your fingers.

Another idea is to have your man enter you while he is only partially erect. By having him expand and grow to full erection inside you, while it may hurt a little, will get you used to his size.

The key is to just relax. Women pump out nine-pound babies all the time and I’m sure while your man is well equipped, he does not have a girth greater than that of a baby.

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