Bar Belle

Bar: The Front Page
Prices: moderate
Dancing: ’80s and ’90s music
Pick-ups: search and you may find
Minuses: no Saturday specials, and it was small
Location: 1333 New Hampshire Ave. NW

After dabbling her toes in foreign waters, the Bar Belle decided to hit the D.C. scene once again. The night was to be low key, as the Bar Belle had vowed to detox for at least seven days (Spring Break was rough). Sporting a tube top that displayed a hard-earned Spring Break sunburn, the Bar Belle and her friends headed out to The Front Page near DuPont Circle.

After getting carded at the front door, it took some quick wit to prove a friend’s expired Canadian ID was authentic (could they not see that she really was 29?). With that hurdle leaped, the ladies crossed the threshold into fun. The bar was dark and very small. But nonetheless there were lots of people there.

Sure, there were the usual sketchy men who look like they never leave, the bartender wasn’t the nicest and – worst of all – there were no specials on a Saturday night. But the girls made the best out of the situation, even met some boys. On the small, yet lively dance floor, the threesome busted some moves to late ’80s, early ’90s hits.

A suave Ivy Leaguer bought the Bar Belle a few drinks and made the moves (she’ll start detox tomorrow). Unfortunately he had no immediate goals and he was unsure about future career plans, so the Bar Belle politely said thanks but no thanks and was on her way.

The DJ continued to play oldies but goodies and the Bar Belle and her friends decided this place would be better if there were more college kids. Most people there were over 25 though danced like they were 18 – not the greatest sight to behold. The girls moved on to a few other bars, one in which a guy exclaimed that the Bar Belle had the most beautiful hair and prettiest face he had ever seen, at least that is what it seemed like he said. It was kind of hard to understand him because he only had a few teeth. As the night came to a close, the girls stumbled home in high spirits, happy that they had given The Front Page a chance.

If you want to dance and have a good time, go there, but bring a big group of friends and a wad of cash. The bar isn’t overly expensive, but it isn’t dirt cheap, either.

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