Burying the Hatchet

My girlfriend is very traditional when it comes to intimacy. I want to try new and different things, positions and place, but she says it makes her self-conscience and uncomfortable. How do I help her overcome that?

-Seeking spice

It’s going to take baby steps. There are many reasons why some people tend to be very traditional when it comes to intimacy. Sometimes it can be sheer embarrassment or lack of experience holding them back, but other reasons can be deeper rooted in the idea that anything beyond the traditional is wrong and impure.

It’s not absolutely necessary to psychoanalyze your mate, but rather you should be understanding of her feelings while you gently prod her to let go of the baggage that is holding her back.

* * *

I’m a senior and I hate my roommates. They have treated me terribly for two years, but for some reason or another I convinced myself it wasn’t that bad. I no longer want to be their friends, let alone their roommates. If I drop them I won’t have anyone, but no matter what I say to them they have absolutely no respect for me.

-Townhouse turmoil

You’re right you can’t drop them because then you will have no one and that’s probably worse then being surrounded by terrible people.

If you’ve put yourself in the situation of being hurt and constantly abused for the past two years, then why stop now. As a senior you are about eight weeks shy of graduating and then you will never have to see, talk, associate or interact with your housemates again. Unfortunately you have got to suck it up and deal.

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