Students catch a dose of senioritis

As Commencement draws nearer, GW seniors find themselves aching to put away their books and pens as the pains of senioritis slowly set in. Some seniors said they constantly fight the urge to slack off in their last semester at college, and it becomes increasingly difficult for them to focus on schoolwork.

Some students attributed senioritis this semester to shorter schedules than the past seven semesters.

“I’ve had senioritis since the beginning of the semester in January,” senior Sean Goodison said. “The fact that I only have three classes this semester definitely adds to it. It’s a whole psychological thing, though, because I’m still taking 15 credits. The odd conception that I have more time than I did before definitely adds to my thinking I can slack off more than I used to be able to.”

Some seniors said planning for the future is draining and steals their focus away from schoolwork. New issues like finding a job, moving away and leaving friends now play on seniors’ minds.

Others said getting the last bit of time with friends detracts from their responsibilities.

“The whole social aspect of the end of college definitely pulls away from academics,” senior Amy Foley said. “It’s definitely a very fun time right now for seniors, and the focus is kind of on the fact that these friends that you have been with for four years are all leaving. You want to try to spend as much time as you can with them. That and the fact that it’s your last few months experiencing college life takes away from school work a little.”

Goodison said it is hard to focus with the real world looming ahead.

“The clock is ticking on my undergraduate career so I’m trying to get my last few kicks and have a little bit of fun before I am forced into the brutal, harsh reality of the real world,” Goodison said. “I might as well take advantage of this opportunity that I have in front of me right now.”

Senior Angela Pratico said that she also is apprehensive about life beyond her undergraduate years.

“Sometimes I do get flashes of reality that do kind of scare me,” Pratico said. “But the rest of the time, I really don’t worry too much about it. I feel like I’ve had senioritis for about a year and a half now but it does get worse as my time here is ending.”

Pratico said that she is still concerned about maintaining her GPA, so although she slacks off at times, she still tries to keep her focus on school.

“I do enough work so that my GPA stays high,” Pratico said. “I want to go to graduate school so I don’t want this semester to ruin my GPA.”

Goodison said that he is really not too concerned about his GPA being greatly affected by bouts of senioritis.

“My GPA is where it’s going to be right now,” he said. “I don’t think it will change that drastically because of this semester. I’m going to do as well as I would’ve if it weren’t my last semester, the work will get done. I’m just not going to care as much anymore.”

Although senioritis seems to affect the masses, at least one senior said the phenomenon has not affected him.

Senior Wesley Teter said he is working just as hard now as he ever was.

“I feel very motivated even though it’s my last semester here and I know senioritis was already supposed to set in,” Teter said. “There may be a possibility that it will get to me at some point but as of now, I’m really busy with classes and an internship and I don’t mind the work too much.”

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