Letter to the Editor: Reality rocks

I would like to expres my disappointment in last Monday’s Hatchet article on reality TV (“TV shows get reality check,” Feb. 26, p. 6). Each quote was negative, and The Hatchet failed to represent a large portion of readers who enjoy reality TV.

My roommates, friends and I are among those readers. Every Wednesday my room fills with friends to see what will go down on “Temptation Island.” Each Thursday night we tape “Survivor” to be sure our busy schedules do not make us miss out on the scheming.

“Temptation Island” is not soft porn, as anyone who bothers to watch the show knows. It is instead young adults having fun, going on dates and examining their personal relationships.

“Survivor” is a game of bickering and scheming in order to stay alive and win a cash prize. Is not this a representation of college life? Weekends are comprised of friends, dating and if you live in Thurston Hall, lots of temptation. While the weekdays of college life at GW involve surviving classes, studying and employment in order to get through school.

Critics of reality TV say it promotes voyeurism. While I agree that today’s society is more obsessed with the lives of other people, it is better to watch them on TV than through a telescope into a neighboring office building. So I say keep shows like “Temptation Island” and “Survivor” on the air because they appeal to the viewers’ own lives.

-Lindsay C. Hamilton

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