Letter to the Editor: Drink o’ the Irish

I was shocked to read the “Bar Belle’s” review of The Dubliner (March 1, p. 10). She incorrectly evaluated the quality of this establishment.

My friends and I spent a night at The Dubliner recently. Both the bar and eating area were crammed with people. The atmosphere was homey and pleasant. Most importantly, the beer was fabulous.

I do not know what beverages the “Bar Belle” is accustomed to, but I suggest she hone a finer understanding of her lagers. The ambers I sampled were outstanding, and the black-and-tans were heaven in alcoholic form. There appeared to be no amorous intentions on the part of water and it sure did not taste like Sam Adams. The entertainment was pleasant and the singer even knew “Johnny and the MTA,” which is a true test of Bostonian Irish roots.

We had an amazing night and left in grand spirits. The horrible name of Tequila Grille never passed our lips.

-Tessa Larkowich

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