WEB EXCLUSIVE: Letter to the Editor: Tackling tough tasks

When I applied to become a Community Facilitator, I made sure I understood my responsibilities. Every CF, every Community Living and Learning Center staff member I approached told me, “It’s a tough job.” I accepted the position knowing that, and so should have everyone else.

The job is hard. At times, the responsibilities are overwhelming. But I do not think it is fair to blame CLLC for the stresses of the position. I believe in most cases, the individual CF has not prepared for the job.

Next to academics, we agree to make this job our priority. That is clear from the beginning. I do not believe CLLC chooses CFs based on their campus involvement. I believe that CLLC is extremely supportive of CFs’ outside commitments, as long as the job is priority number one. Many CFs prove that this support exists. Several CFs ran in the Student Association elections. CFs serve on executive boards of student groups like the Program Board and the College Democrats. Most pursue part-time jobs and internships. They manage to do all this and still be a CF.

CLLC can give CFs added responsibilities, but this power has never been abused and is not meant to take advantage of the CFs but to ensure the safety of the residents. It is unfair to use the clause against CLLC when it merely exists to help us better fulfill our job requirements. This may mean extra deadlines, but these deadlines have been made clear with plenty of advance notice. My supervisors have been extremely flexible and understanding when only a short amount of time is given for last-minute work.

Unusual circumstances do arise that cause CFs to leave and there can be dissatisfaction with the job. For those who quit, did you understand the position before you accepted it? Did you work to overcome problems before you resigned?

I am proud to be a CF. I am proud I tackled the problems that came with the job. I am proud of other CFs who do the same. I am not proud of those who are not willing to admit that they could not or did not try to face the challenge.

-Devon Tutak
Crawford Hall CF

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