Letter to the Editor: Party politics

The party at the Delta Tau Delta house complied with all of GW’s regulations. This event was registered with Student Judicial Services. A guest list was submitted, wristbands were obtained, a private security guard was hired and action was taken against fraudulent identification.

Everyone on the guest list arrived placing the total number of people present at about 320 – three guests for each of the 73 members and 30 write-ins. Some exceptions were made for candidates greeting people at the entrance.

There were 17 monitors patrolling the party, four of whom had two-way radios. Seven monitors were posted around the house to make sure the crowd did not get out of hand. All these monitors patrolled for people without wristbands drinking. Every precaution that could have been taken was.

With a crowd this size, it is ridiculous to expect every underage person drinking to be spotted. The Metropolitan Police cannot expect a student organization to exceed the abilities of bars in monitoring minors drinking. Yes, there were a number of people arrested for underage drinking, but as of late, every bar in Foggy Bottom has been raided. Also, until the police arrived, the party had gone flawlessly. I challenge anyone to attempt hosting an event like this themselves. Whoever tries will not do a better job.

The University registered and the Joint Elections Committee was aware of this party and its theme. Every candidate was welcome to attend and many did. Those who did attend greeted guests. People were simply urged to vote on Tuesday and Wednesday. But heaven forbid that an organization take initiative to increase voter turnout at a school whose level of voting apathy exceeds that of the nation. Perhaps The Hatchet should reconsider its position of mocking this party with slanderous cartoons and biased articles and instead uphold the objectivity and integrity that every journalistic organization demands.

-Ben Stein

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