Burying the Hatchet

I’ve recently discovered the hobby of putting my arm around a pretty girl’s shoulder. For anyone who hasn’t tried it, it is a quality pastime that I highly recommend. I’ve run into a snag though.

Occasionally, when I go to put my arm around a pretty girl’s shoulder, her hair will get stuck under my arm, and I end up causing momentary pain. This is never a good idea when dealing with a pretty girl. Is there any way to put my arm over the pretty girl’s shoulder while making sure that I’m not taking any hair with me?


Well, I must say this is definitely a serious issue. I’m glad you found yourself a “quality pastime,” and just like anything else in life, a little practice will perfect your technique.

When you go to place your arm around her shoulder make sure to check the area before proceeding. It is important to remember to be gentle. Place your arm lightly on your shoulder area showing your interest to have it rest there. Most girls who have long hair will automatically adjust their hair so it is out of the way to avoid the momentary pain. After the adjustment you have a clear go ahead that the girl wants your arm around her and you can then really let your arm settle down properly without hesitation.

* * *

At what point in a relationship is it OK to buy your significant other lingerie without it being inappropriate?

-Likes lace

Someone’s got a kinky side. Giving lingerie as gifts become proper etiquette after two people have begun sleeping together. I would hope that before you bought your woman lingerie you’ve bought her at least a few other things. I wouldn’t suggest your first major gift being a sheer teddy and a whip.

It is important to discuss the whole idea of lingerie with your significant other before the purchase. A man buying lingerie for a woman can be interpreted by the woman as the man not finding the woman attractive and sexy enough nor what he is looking for. The idea of using the lingerie to spice up the bedroom could end of doing the opposite and leaving a sour taste in your significant other’s mouth and mind, unless there is open communication about it.

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