Staff Editorial: Vote ‘no’ on constitution

The proposed Student Association constitution, the fate of which is to be decided by a referendum Tuesday and Wednesday, is seriously flawed and could leave the organization hamstrung as it struggles to implement sweeping and illogical changes. The draft is ill conceived, poorly written and lacks the input of key SA officials who work within the organization and know what works and what needs change.

Students should refrain from voting for the constitution unless they carefully examine its contents. They should not vote for the proposal simply because it is labeled as a “change” from the current system.

Dan Loren and Mike Pellegrino, the two candidates who provided the impetus for the new constitution, are attempting an amputation when a Band-Aid will suffice. Certainly some things in the SA need reform, but a wholesale replacement of its basic governing document is not the solution.

If students want to see the SA accomplish anything next year, they must vote “no” on the constitution referendum.

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