Staff Editorial: Singer for EVP

Student Association executive vice president is a tough position; the EVP must run Senate meetings, serve as a liaison between the Senate and executive and work with the SA president to craft a legislative agenda. Josh Singer is the best candidate to accomplish these difficult, often thankless duties.

Singer has a record of accomplishment within the SA, and he knows how the system works. A self-professed policy wonk, Singer is familiar with the SA bylaws and the rules governing Senate meetings – knowledge that is essential to the EVP position. As vice president for judicial and legislative affairs this year, Singer attended Senate meetings and tried to minimize the rancor that separated the senators from executive appointees and each other.

Singer’s record shows that he can identify problems on campus and create workable solutions. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment is founding the Student Judicial Advisers service, which informs students about their rights and advises them how to proceed when they are charged with violations of the Code of Student Conduct. Singer saw that students often do not know their rights and feel alone when faced with disciplinary charges, and he implemented an intelligent plan to solve the problem.

Singer also drafted the bill to ban palmcarding, which failed in the Senate, and he has pledged not to engage in the practice along with his opponents. This cooperation shows commendable respect to students who are tired of election season hassles. Credit should also be given to the other EVP candidates, seven-term SA Sen. J. P. Blackford and current Sen. Mike Pellegrino.

With his record of accomplishment and experience working with the Senate and SA executive, Josh Singer is the best EVP candidate to reform the Senate and make the SA work.

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