Letter to the Editor: Arguing for amnesty

As the University Police Department investigates alleged phone fraud, I wonder if this is the proper course of action. According to officials, this lengthy investigation to see how deep this fraudulent behavior runs.

This seems to be the wrong approach. The University pledged it will engage in a long investigation of phone records. They do not know how many took advantage of the codes or even when the activity started. Is tying up funding and the time of UPD cost effective? GW has already lost the money for the fraudulent phone calls, and if the only sanctions would be “disciplinary probation,” then this investigation is a waste of time and money.

Instead, GW should offer a week of amnesty for students who used the code illegally. Then they should use the money saved to conduct a review of the telecommunications department so situations this does not occur again. GW should realize branding students already financially strapped by various fees and tuition does not help the situation. It merely alienates the students. The University benefits from students with clean records who are able to eventually become large contributors as alumni. I urge the University to reconsider its approach and take responsibility for the fraud. Work with students in a non-hostile environment to fix this problem in a way that benefits everybody.

-Ross Randell
graduate student

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