Bernard Pollack

Name: Bernard Pollack
Hometown: Montreal, Canada
Major: international affairs
Year: sophomore
Student Groups: Creative and Performing Arts Community, GW Action Coalition

Bernard Pollack said he is running for Program Board executive vice chair because he wants the organization to offer more programming involving student and local artists.

“In the same way student political groups encourage their members, I would like the Program Board to set aside a lot of funding to encourage actors, poets and photographers,” he said.

Pollack runs on the GWUnited ticket, with a coalition of students seeking to reform the way the Student Association and Program Board operate.

Pollack said he does not want artistic programming to replace events traditionally held by the Program Board, such as Fall Fest and Spring Fling.

“I think the programming last year was great,” he said. “I just want to initiate more.”

A theater minor who recently directed the show “Savage Love” for the Creative and Performing Arts Community, Pollack said he plans to examine the Program Board’s budget and shave advertising money in order to fund more artistic programs.

“When bands like Live or Cypress Hill come, everyone will go by word of mouth,” Pollack said. “These bands sell themselves. We need to help students who don’t have the money to promote themselves.”

Many student artistic groups, such as theatre and a cappella groups, lack the funding needed to create sets and perform as many times as they
deserve, Pollack said.

He said arts programming is an important part of student life because the arts impact everyone’s lives.

“We’re all members (of the arts community) just by listening to MP3s, or listening to music,” Pollack said.

Pollack said he would also like to get more students involved in the Program Board and talk to students in order to establish better communication with the organization.

He said he came to GW with theater and music aspirations but was disappointed with the lack of artistic outlets available to students.

Pollack said he would also like to expand programs similar to Triple Play and Random Arts Week, which encourages student creativity by sponsoring free arts and crafts activities.

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