Letter to the Editor: MVC misquote

I am concerned about inaccuracies in your article with the headline “Program lacks applicants” (Feb. 15, p. 1). Specifically, the first paragraph is not an accurate representation of any statement I made in a conversation with The Hatchet.

First, I never indicated that there was a lack of interest in the program. Quite the contrary, I said that my impression was that there was a lot of interest in and enthusiasm for the program among the students I had heard from on the subject including the over 50 who attended the information session here. I believe I was asked whether I was concerned about the new program’s succeeding because students might be reluctant to live at Mount Vernon, and I indicated that I was not concerned.

Second, I do not recall saying anything about any extension of the deadline for applications. I am not sure I even knew at the time I talked to The Hatchet if an extension was planned, and I certainly did not know that an extension of a month was planned.

What happened? Did you perhaps confuse me with another source?

I am disappointed in The Hatchet in this instance, particularly because I think you all have been doing a much better job of reporting this year than was the case in the past.

-Grae Baxter
executive dean, Mount Vernon Campus

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