Letter to the editor: Positive program

Your story on the GW World Community study abroad program (“Program lacks applicants,” Feb. 15, p. 1) attributed to me statements I did not make and opinions I do not hold. I am proud of the GW World Community program and the professionalism of those who helped put it together.

I am also a long-time believer in the quality of the learning experience at GW’s Mount Vernon Campus and do not see it as a hurdle to overcome. GW at Mount Vernon offers a concentrated opportunity for students to share their foreign experiences and learn from one another. It takes an astonishing cynicism to find this a problem, particularly given that the purported punishment of living at GW’s Mount Vernon Campus involves such sacrifices as a beautiful setting, a swimming pool, state-of-the-art athletic facilities and most importantly, intellectual stimulation from the small and dedicated community growing there.

Far from being hastily cobbled together, the GW World Community program took long-standing and carefully managed programs and extended their benefits to a large proportion of students at GW including some who otherwise might not find it within their means.

Nor is it true that the University failed to get the information out. We arranged for fliers to be put in every mailbox and posters in every entry way of every residence hall, advertised in The Hatchet, held campus-wide information sessions and included the information in the intent-to-return letters distributed throughout the residence halls.

Your persistent effort to undermine the University has real costs both for the students and for those who work here. Your unremitting and tired attack on Mount Vernon misses the essential point that the University was able to envision and fund a program that will help students and the University simultaneously. When the deadline was extended, you chose not to convey the good news and decided instead to denigrate those who had already signed on.

-Donna Scarboro
director of summer, special and international programs

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