Letter to the Editor: Performance ignored

I have written to The Hatchet multiple times about a campus-sponsored production of “The Vagina Monologues” that took place Feb. 15-17. This was not just another play put on by some random student theatre group. This was a play with a purpose. It was all about helping women find their beauty and empowering women to fight abuse with honesty, love and laughter.

Colleges and universities get the opportunity to do this play once a year as part of the college initiative to stop sexual violence against women. This week over 250 schools across the United States and Canada were performing these same words for this same purpose. We were making a connection that The Hatchet chose to ignore. Why is that?

Why is it that The Washington Post did a story on the performances of “The Vagina Monologues” around the District and specifically mentioned the dates and times of GW’s prior to the performances and The Hatchet did not? Why is it that NBC’s Channel 4 came and taped part of our rehearsal and did a report and The Hatchet did not?

I wrote letters to the managing editor of The Hatchet as well as both arts editors. I gave multiple names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of those of us who could provide more information. I even included the V-Day Web site address in the email to assist the busy Hatchet staff with their own research burden.

As a political communication major, I found myself taking a step back and looking at this story objectively and still not understanding how The Hatchet could refuse to cover it. Clearly this is a newsworthy event. It is timely, has a local spin, an artistic angle and a political slant in a political city.

I am glad so many people got to experience the “Vagina Monologues,” but I am angry that The Hatchet did not think that the GW community should have this opportunity. More than that, I think it says something about The Hatchet that they chose to ignore this story – something sad.

-Shawna Thomas

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