Burying the Hatchet

I’m in this long distance relationship. I like the guy and all but I’m starting to question whether it is worth keeping up the relationship if eventually I know it will end. I think of all the money invested in it and it’s nice knowing I have someone and that I’m getting play, but seriously, is it really worth the cost?

-Distant satisfaction

If you feel like you are paying for “play” then I wouldn’t suggest keeping the relationship going. If you feel like the relationship isn’t worth it get out. You are probably questioning it because other opportunities are availing themselves to you, so drop the current guy and get something going a little bit more local.

* * *

My roommates’s boyfriend always stays over at our place which I don’t really mind, but when my long distance boyfriend is in town, she never agrees to sleep out even though I’ve asked her numerous time. I don’t think it is too much to ask for some time alone with my boyfriend when he visits, which is rare especially since I deal with her’s all the time.

-Needing space

You’re right. It’s not too much to ask for some time alone. But it isn’t right to ban her from the room completely. I see two options for you. One, when your boyfriend is in town be so nauseatingly disgusting together that your roommate will want to disappear, or option two. Work out some kind of agreement with your roommate where she sleeps out at least one night of the weekend. Remind her how easy going you are about her boyfriend staying over and she will have no way to argue with you. If she does, see option one.

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