Letter to the Editor: Bench Penders

After another disappointing display of three-point mania by GW against Temple University, I believe that someone needs to start to apply pressure to or questioning the coaching staff. Tom Penders, upon his arrival to GW, was a high profile coach with a winning background. How is this possible? I have yet to see a consistent game plan. Every game we have a new starting line up that seems to do only one thing: pull the team farther away from most coaches’ goal of team camaraderie. This talented group of guys seems to need to fight for a starting position rather than a victory.

I am completely baffled by Penders’s performance. Is anyone applying any pressure on him to win? He is as much a part of the team as the players, and according to his strategy, he should take a seat on the bench and fight for his right to start as head coach.

-Scott Lurie
Class of 2000

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