Refusing to listen

In the Feb. 1 issue of The Hatchet, I was quoted saying how I did not care what my constituents or the Residence Hall Association said (“SA approves finance reform,” p. 1). I just wanted to tell the RHA and the rest of the student body that I do care what my constituents think in every area but one. Freedom of speech is a huge deal to me. Any legislation coming through the Senate that will limit this freedom, I will vote down. We live at a school that is right in the heart of the free world. How can anyone here say that they want to take the biggest right given to us by our forefathers away?

It should also be known that with the votes done in the Senate, every residence hall does not have to listen to us. They can still decide to limit the freedom of their residents, and we senators knew that when we took our vote. This is why I did not listen to them because I knew the RHA would not listen to us.

With the election vibe in the air, there are lots of controversies and fights that will be hitting the GW community. Keep freedom of speech alive, and do not become dictators and take that right away. You all came to school in D.C. for a reason. Do not forget that, and if you still have questions, please stop by my office. I do care what the students want, but if students want to limit freedom of speech, I will not listen.

-Matthew Silverstein

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