Protest reality

In response to David Kay’s letter to the editor (“Protest this,” Jan. 25): the GW students demonstrating at the Smith Center event two weeks ago were most likely expressing their disdain for the platform of the Bush-Cheney administration, not to mention Bush’s questionable attainment of the presidency itself. There is no reason to believe that they were trying to bring dishonor upon American veterans.

Mr. Kay, as well as others who remain content with the status quo, would have us believe those protesting on Jan. 19 were acting undemocratically. Anyone familiar with the actual meaning behind the term “democracy” will surely see this to be a ridiculous assumption rooted in propaganda.

Perhaps a better term, simply put, would be that the protesters are unhappy with the contemporary political and social order endorsed by the Bush-Cheney team, which includes strong ties to big business, a firm rejection of a woman’s right to choose, misguided educational and environmental proposals and the continuation of neo-liberal economic policies that aim to protect U.S. interests rather than serve the needs of the global community.

The individuals protesting outside the Smith Center, as well as millions more across the nation who gathered in the streets on Inauguration Day, wished to show their discontent with a government dictated by commercial interests and military force – two factors personified by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
Hopefully this begins to answer some of the questions posed by Mr. Kay. I can only suggest informing oneself regarding the issues before denouncing the motives of protesters.

-Michael Petillo

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