Bar Reviews: Ozio not a great value

Got connections at Ozio? Yeah, we thought we had some, too. So we rocked up to Ozio last Thursday night where a line 10 people deep stood before us, all hoping to get in for free with the same “connection.”

Forget any “connection” we thought we had, because we were surprised to find ourselves coughing up 10 bucks each to get in. In our disappointment we headed for the bar, scoping out the scene along the way. Despite the fact that we were looking quite chic, this blonde duo was forced to dish out 15 bucks for a round of drinks.

One would call this behavior pretty shocking considering we were surrounded by a plethora of cigar-smoking, middle-aged men all dressed to the nines. Frustrated with the bar and in an attempt to find people our own age, we hit the dance floor.

With vodka tonics in tow, we busted a move to hip-hop music before making our way upstairs, where techno dance beats filled the air. Once we started breaking a sweat, it was time for us to kick back and relax on the plush velvet sofas.

Moments after grabbing some seats, we were bombarded by waiters, who rudely explained that in order to have the privilege of sitting we must order yet another round of drinks. To secure a comfortable seat, in a bar where seating was scarce, we obliged. We enjoyed our time with our friends in the lounge area until last call was announced and the “ugly lights” blinded the last few staggering toward the exit.

Don’t get us wrong, the fun experienced in Ozio’s swanky atmosphere before always started the weekend off right. However, it seems that the new year has brought some changes to the once stellar bar. Better music, more dancing, but too bad fun has its price. We’ll see you there again soon . well, maybe.

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