Letter to the Editor: Ars electronica

I have been quite happy to see the recent trend in Hatchet articles that have explored the electronic music subculture. However, this most recent article (“Driving a subculture,” Jan. 16, p. 10) strikes me as rather outdated. First of all, it was almost ten years ago when acid house, Chicago house and techno were the primary forms of music in the electronic music subculture. Secondly, due to stricter laws in the District, warehouse parties are very rare to come by.

I can assure all the readers of this article that acid house, Chicago house and techno are not the only forms of music they will hear at a party. One might hear progressive house, progressive trance, drum and bass, break-beat, down tempo and many other forms of electronic music, possibly all in a given night. One only needs to visit Tower Records and listen to CDs from the likes of Adam Freeland, Bad Company (the drum and bass producers), Dieselboy, John Digweed, Sasha, Timo Maas and many others to get a true understanding of what electronic music is really like today.

The subculture and its music has evolved quite a bit from its acid house roots 10 years ago.

-Alex Harisiadis

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