WEB COLUMN: Aramark’s `fuzzy math’

I recently met up with a friend at J Street to grab a quick bite to eat after class. The usual 12:15 p.m. lunch crowd was at a steady roar, and the line at Chik-Fil-A had just about reached Starbucks. While waiting in line, we discussed what we would be choosing from the menu selections.

I decided I would like a char-grilled chicken sandwich, and my friend decided he would have the 12-piece chicken nuggets. As the line diminished and the remainder of the selections were visible, our attention was brought to a piece of paper suspended over the 12-piece chicken nuggets slot.

The paper was present to alert people that J Street was currently out of the 12-piece chicken nuggets. After reading this notice, my friend was disappointed that he could not get what he wanted. He perused the remaining offerings and shortly noticed that they were not out of the 8-piece chicken nuggets. In fact, that selection was fully stocked!

This situation seemed rather odd. How could they have the 8-piece chicken nuggets but not the 12-piece? I mean it is not like the nuggets are pre-packaged and they ran out of the 12-piece supply! The nuggets are prepared, boxed and served on site. Putting four extra pieces of chicken in a box doesn’t seem like brain surgery. Sometimes the food operations at GW are mind-boggling.

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