Bush gets luckier as fight drags on

(U-WIRE) AUSTIN, Texas – Evidently it takes more than a Texas accent, strapping good looks and a healthy disdain for educated folks to capture the Oval Office. It looks like a generous dose of good old-fashioned luck is also necessary for a candidate to succeed.

And our governor is on the hot streak of his adult life. The number of happy coincidences that have befallen Gov. George W. Bush during this post-election melodrama is staggering. Not even the U.S. Supreme Court is immune to Bush’s good karma, since he has Justice Antonin Scalia’s son’s law firm in his corner.

Surely the gods smiled upon Dubya when they decided the greatest election controversy in the history of the country would play out in Florida, a state governed by his brother, Jeb, who is in a great position to influence events in Florida from behind the scenes. Even if he’s not outwardly stuffing ballot boxes, Jeb promised to do whatever it takes to deliver Florida to his little brother.

And it must have been pure chance that Fox News Decision Desk Chief John Ellis, who called Florida wrong not once, but twice, just happened to be Gov. Bush’s cousin. Having a mole in a major network prematurely call a race could really help a candidate legitimize his claims to having already won the election. Public statements like that might even help Shrub make his opponent look foolish for continuing to contest the vote.

Also a little peculiar is how Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris just happened to be co-chair of the state’s Bush campaign. Having a campaign lackey pose as a legitimate arbiter of the election could really help a guy out, especially since there was no clear winner of Florida’s popular vote. In fact, if there were to be a controversy regarding a chad or two out of place or a couple thousand votes not being counted, Harris might be just the person to cover it up.

Remarkably, there is more. Bush actually hired the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher to represent him before the Supreme Court Friday. The firm just happens to have Eugene Scalia, 37-year-old son of Justice Antonin Scalia, on its payroll. This lucky streak is starting to stink just a little bit.

If these occurrences are coincidental, why do they seem so contrived? That’s not such a noodle-scratcher if you think about how far the Bush-centered good ol’ boy network extends in Texas. At every turn, someone in a position of influence is swearing allegiance to the Bush cartel.

The lesson here is simple – in politics, it is not what you know, it is who you know. And if you know everyone involved, you are in luck.

-Staff editorial
Daily Texan (U. Texas-Austin)

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