Letter: Liberal U?

I read with amusement The Hatchet’s presidential poll results published Nov. 6 on page 6. The survey found that an overwhelming 71 percent of GW students support Al Gore while 15 percent support Bush and 10 percent support Nader.

In the national election, Gore and Bush each received about 48 percent of the vote while Nader got about three percent. The fact that Nader supporters almost outnumber Bush supporters on campus, while Gore holds a 56 percent lead over Bush among GW students, is a testament to jut how out of touch GW students are with the rest of the people in the world around them.

GW has become, in many ways, a school overwhelmed by limousine liberals in ivory towers, completely unrepresentative of the rest of the people in this nation. -Justin Holmesjunior

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