Letter: Awful alarms?

Monday at approximately six in the evening, students and staff from Fulbright Hall poured onto H Street after a fire alarm. We waited as firefighters investigated the cause of the alarm. After standing outside, we were let back into our rooms with no explanation of why the alarm went off. Later Monday night around 10, the alarm went off again. After nearly an hour, we were allowed to reenter Fulbright. Again we had no explanation. Tuesday night, another fire alarm rang during around 10 p.m..

With each fire alarm, students were let back into their rooms with no explanation as to why the alarms went off. What is setting off these alarms? Students are not setting alarms off on purpose; it is nuisance to all of us. I believe Fulbright has a faulty fire safety system. I do not like living in a building with a poor fire safety system. I heard other Fulbright residents say they do not want to leave when the next alarm goes off because they do not think there is a fire. I agree with them. Residents no longer believe the alarms. This situation needs to be remedied by installing a fully functional fire safety system in Fulbright Hall. I will not feel safe until then.-Joaquin Jangjunior

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