Campus awaits presidential decision

As the presidency hinges on the Florida recounts, GW students stressed the importance of an getting accurate ballot count in Florida and said they support measures to ensure that every person’s vote will count.

Anything that can increase the voice of the people should be actively pursued, sophomore Elliot Miller said.

Four Florida counties counted ballots for a third time after officials found errors in machine recounts, according to A 5 p.m. deadline for all recounts was upheld in court Tuesday. Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris then certified the votes with Bush in the lead, pending the overseas absentee ballots. All ballots will be in by Nov. 17, determining the winner of Florida and the U.S. presidency.

The recounts are completely legitimate when it is this close, said Alan Elias, a graduate student in the School of Political Management.

GW professors said they have noticed students have a high level of interest in the 2000 election, especially political science students.

Everything is still ongoing at this point; no side has the upper hand, said Sarah Binder, assistant professor of political science. Students are intrigued and confounded by the process all at once.

Binder said she does not know of a clear-cut solution to preventing future election fiascos, she said a logical move would be toward a more uniform and reliable system.

It’s crazy that by the year 2000 we can’t figure out a voter’s intent, Binder said.

Student said they are also concerned that the winner might not hold the majority of the popular vote.

I can see why the Electoral College exists, but it’s not good that the person who won the popular vote might lose the election, freshman Becky Hieder said. I think it is something that needs to be looked at.

While many students said they agree with the recounts, others said they are losing interest in the unending election process.

It’s getting out of control, sophomore Mike Disabatino said. Someone needs to just decide on a president.

Some students blame the media for its constant coverage of the election process.

There has been minute-to-minute coverage, junior Jessica Roessel said. It’s almost like a soap opera. The media could be doing a better job focusing on the solutions and not just the problems.

Students from Florida said they feel the heat of the election more than the rest of GW.

A recount is important, but it puts a lot of pressure on Florida, said sophomore Jenilee Keefe, from Florida. The outcome of the election should not depend on only one state. I find it really odd that our future depends on where I am from.

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