D.C. offers an array of eclectic locations to study

Turned off from noisy residence hall rooms the painful silence of the library, students say they branch out to quiet spots around the city for a better studying experience.

The National Mall is a popular place for students to study outside. Junior Kevin Norman said the nation’s most historic landmarks offer a serene atmosphere his apartment can’t match.

Freshman Lisa Mahalich said the natural setting of the Mall is a great contrast from the rest of D.C. and perfect for studying.

I’m from Pennsylvania so I really miss seeing a lot of greenery around, Mahalich said. I like to study on the Mall because it has a great natural setting. It’s really nice to go somewhere different and get away from what we see everyday for a change.

Norman and Mahalich said strangers walking by and playing sports on the Mall create fewer distractions than friends where they live.

It’s weird – there was a football game going on when I was studying one time and that was not a distraction at all, Mahalich said. Studying in my room is very distracting because there are always so many people around or coming by. It’s really hard to get any work done.

Other students said coffee shops offer good alternative locations for getting work done.

I find that when I go to Au Bon Pain, I just concentrate much more on my work and I get it done a lot quicker too, freshman Jessica Flinn said. It’s also really convenient because it’s so close to my dorm.

Flinn said restaurant noise is not distracting to her.

The people there actually make it easier for me to study, Flinn said. I don’t really like going to the library because it’s just too quiet there, so the low noise level of Au Bon Pain is perfect for me.

Sophomore Jill Cuyler said she tries to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Cuyler said she likes going to the National Gallery of Art to study because of the its unique setting.

Junior Laura Bonita said her studying problem is simple. She finds it nearly impossible to get any work done any place with a bed, including her room.

It’s really not possible for me to study anywhere that has a bed, Bonita said. I know as soon as I start studying, I’ll just want to lay down and go to sleep.

Bonita said to solve her problem she studies at various coffee and bookstores including Starbucks and Borders Bookstore.

I really like the atmosphere of Borders, Bonita said. It’s very comfortable and there are a bunch of people doing work. It’s a lot more laid back than being in a library, so even though I’m studying and getting a lot of work done, it makes the work seem less tedious.

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