Singled out

As a resident of the Mount Vernon Campus and a GW student – yes, living at Mount Vernon still makes me a GW student – I’m becoming more and more appalled at the fact that we are consistently singled out at school-wide events. Recently, I attended the showing of The Legend of Baggar Vance and Program Board Executive Chair Seth Weinert proceeded to announce different groups at this outing. Along with the dance team and the golf club, the students from the Mount Vernon Campus at GW were also mentioned. Did he happen to mention that the residential options of Thurston or Madison halls were also there?

No, of course not. And yet there is no difference between us. The women here either chose or were forced to live on this campus, just like other students were in residence halls at Foggy Bottom. Instead of a ten-minute walk from the Aston, we take a ten-minute shuttle. The women of Mount Vernon, contrary to popular belief, are not afraid of guys, and they cannot be pointed out at the Foggy Bottom campus. GW keeps preaching the integration of the two campuses. Once we stop getting treated as different from Foggy Bottom residents, maybe this process can actually begin.

-Jenna Casperfreshman

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