Election 2000: ANC candidate profiles

Elizabeth B. Elliott ANC 2A01

I am a 21-year Foggy Bottom resident of The York Apartments and a self-employed graphic design consultant. I handle international clients in banking and corporate finance. Through writing, testifying and assisting community leaders, I continue to oppose massive development and student population explosion in ANC 2A. My goal is to establish ongoing compensation from offending institutions for loss of affordable housing, driving out the permanent taxpayer base, taking property off tax rolls and for upkeep of city facilities.

Susan BarananoANC 2A01

I have lived in this area for more than 20 years and love it. I have seen this neighborhood gain and lose; I have raised issues and methods to meet our needs at ANC meetings and public hearings. The past commissioners have been unable to fight for us and win. I will not be a loser and will ask everyone to get what we need for our district 2A01.

Maria Tyler ANC 2A03

I am an experienced leader committed to the integrity of our Foggy Bottom residential neighborhood. As ANC 2A03 Commissioner, I have achieved outstanding results by spearheading a steering committee of residents to obtain major improvements on residential K Street as well as pioneering work to prevent The George Washington University takeover of our residential community. Foggy Bottom is a better place to live because of my dedication and commitment.

Craig Pascal ANC 2A03

I am running for the ANC 2A03 seat to be a more effective representative for the residents of Foggy Bottom. My background (former general counsel to the late D.C. Councilmember Harry Thomas), professionalism, leadership, negotiating skills and strong contacts with District government officials make me a more credible voice, especially on key issues affecting our community. My positive, results-oriented approach would be welcomed, according to many community residents and local government officials that I have spoken with.

Jim Patterson ANC 2A04

I have been a resident of Foggy Bottom since 1996. I have been very active in the community during this time, and a regular at ANC meetings. I am interested in the work that’s been done, but there’s still a lot that needs to be done to better our neighborhood. I look forward to working with the other commissioners on the problems facing Foggy Bottom residents.

Dorothy MillerANC 2A05

An ANC Commissioner since 1995 and a resident of D.C. for over 60 years, Dorothy Miller wants to continue her work to preserve the quality of life for Foggy Bottom/West End residents. She will make sure any development is balanced and rational. Miller will work full-time to expand the communication of ideas throughout the ANC to the City Council and District and federal agencies.

Jeff MarootianANC 2A06

I am currently seeking election to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, in District 2A06. Throughout the past three years, I have been an active GW student and Foggy Bottom resident. As an ANC Commissioner, I will strive to represent the best interests of our neighborhood through proactive advocacy. I will work toward the betterment of our entire community and toward the unity of all Foggy Bottom residents.

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